Dart Cleaning

Minimize downtime

Using our innovative Dart Cleaning technology, we clean up to 80.000 tubes within 24 hours. Using this technology we reduce the downtime expenses of our customers. Request an offer today and discover how much expenses your company can save!

pipe cleaning

Tube cleaning darts

Innovative, thorough, reusable

The innovative Dart Cleaning technology allows us to Kineticly and Hydrostaticly clean up to 80.000 tubes within 24 hours. The largest advantage of these cleaning methods is that the so called tube cleaning darts, used to perform the cleaning, can be reused multiple times.

Bundle cleaning

Fast, safe and cost effective

Not only the fastest but also the safest and the most cost effective method to clean your bundle. The bundles don't have to be pulled and/or disassembled, therefor there is no chance of damaging the bundles, which is also a result of the low pressure used with our kinetic and hydrostatic cleaning method. Therefore this method is the most environmental friendly way to clean your bundle.

A suitable solution for every challenge

We offer multiple systems for tube cleaning. The most suitable cleaning system will be selected, based on an inspection at the site, 


Standaard trailer

1-2 Dart Cleaning Guns
Up to ca. 1.000 tubes per hour

Rapidly deployable, especially

for national and use on small scale.


Air cargo compact container

2-4 Dart Cleaning Guns
Up to ca. 2.000 tubes per hour

Reasonable fast deployable,

for national and international use.


40 ft High Cube Container

4-8 Dart Cleaning Guns
Up to ca. 4.000 tubes per hour

Deployable for large

national and international use.

About Abalco Group

Abalco® Service BV is specialized in chemically and technically cleaning, renovating and conserving of air, cooling and heating installations. Besides, Abalco offers a diverse set of additional services, covering the needs of their industrial clients Worldwide .

The cleaning process

The first step in a new assignment is to draft an Safety and Environment plan (VGM plan)

At first arrival of a company or factory, we will let us instruct about the safety regulations of that company. After taking these instructions, a working license has to be issued.

After issuing the working license, we will set-up our equipment. The equipment will be placed in position and plugged in.

After the final inspection, the pomp will be enabled to start rinsing the tubes. After rinsing we start loading the predefined darts.

After loading the Darts they are pressed through the tubes with a specially developed Dart Cleaning Gun. This is preformed using kinetic and hydrostatic low pressure cleaning technology. On the other side of the bundle the Darts are captured using a Projectile capture net. These darts can be used multiple times.

Using light effects we will validate if every dart has passed through the tube. Depending on the containment the process can be repeated until the tube is fully cleaned. 

Trusted by multinationals


DCS- en ISO 9001 certified specialists

The cleaning will be performed using fully DCS*-certified specialists (* DCS Dart Cleaning Safety Introduction and Emergency Response Training). Our company is fully ISO-9001 certified.

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