Quality, safety and health and well being are very important at Abalco®. The direction has embraced the policy to:

  • Prevent injuries
  • To comply to national safety regulations, offering an healthy and secure working environment
  • Continuously strives for safety, health and environment improvement.

Industry specific regulations

Abalco® is active within a range of branches each with a diverse set of markt specific regulations. Our activities in the food industrie is complied to current regulations like HACCP/BRC/GlobalGAP & IFS and Abalco® Technical Support BV operates according to AI32, ISSO55.3 and the Legionella containment regulation.

Overview of current certifications

All Abalco® mechanics are in the possession of B-VCA and/or VOL-VCA.


DSC certified specialists

These specific activities are only allowed to be performed by special trained Dart Cleaning Specialists. These specialist must have completed the following trainings:
DSC Dart Cleaning safety Introduction and Emergency Respons Training DSC20150903-KAP

Certificate Type A

Installations within Europe
of 0 - 5.000 tubes

Certificate Type B

Installations within and outside Europe of 0 - 15.000 tubes

Certificate Type B

National and international installations of 0 - 500.000 tubes